What is this? This is the first implementation of DSSide.com aiming to provide intuitive decision support with instant feedback. This implementation is based on the TOPSIS algorithm. This is a _suggestion_ for how the Human-Computer interaction can be improved. Browser? This site has been developed with Firefox 3.6. Please use one of the following browsers to experience the best performance without failures: - Chrome 4+ - Safari 5+ - Firefox 3.6+ - IE 9+ Suggested improvements: - Slides for setting weights - Implementation of distributed ratings - Generic input elements (but the question is if it�s worth it. Will another algorithm use same input elements?) - Verification of details regarding import Known bugs: - Tab selection makes the browser move to top of page (irritating) - No validation if weight is 0 (page don�t break, but stop producing results) - No validation if name is empty - The use of space is not good on small screens - Export don't refresh data in Safari